Welcome to Love Quilts and
Our 2016 Childrens Page
Welcome to our page!  Thank you to all of the stitchers who have contributed work over the past 17 years.
The children whose pictures are posted on this page are the last 6 featured kids for Love Quilts and the children getting our bonus Love Quilts.  Some of these quilts are already made and ready to give away and some wil be made from the extra squares that are waiting for assembly.
Do meet all of these kids and click on the names beneath the pictures to read their stories and see the picture of the quilt sent to that child.

Vicki ~ Love Quilts - cyberfogie@aol.com
The children below are the last Love Quilts featured kids.  Click on the a child's name for further information on the child. Remember to look at the finished quilts too! 
Soriya P.

THEME: Ballet 
Quilt Deadline: 1/15/16
Brian D.

THEME: SpongeBob, Ninja Turtles or Batman
Quilt Deadline: 1/15/16
Ethan I.

THEME: Children's hymns, Carols or pictures of children singing
Include Red and Black
Quilt Deadline: 2/1/16
Hayden S.

THEME: Cowboy stuff.... boots, hats, cowboys and we NEED at least one "Woody" from Toy Story
(NO Horses)
Quilt Deadline: 2/1/16
Darius K.

THEME: Cartoon type pirates and pirate stuff and sharks

Quilt Deadline: 3/1/16
Daisy W.

THEME: Butterflies, Daisy flowers, stars, hearts, and panda bears only.

Quilt Deadline: 3/1/16
Kids getting Love Quilts bonus quilts
           Eastyn J.

    Theme: sports especially                     basketball
         Mailed 4/11/2016
                 Colton A.

            Theme: Patriotic
             Mailed 4/11/2016
                 Sydney W.                        Theme: Hearts
             Mailed 4/24/2016
                    Hadley S.
           Theme: Girl sports
              Mailed 4/18/2016
                             Jadyn R.
                         Theme: Owls
                       Mailed 5/17/2016
                           Megan P.
              Theme: Birthday Fairies
                    Mailed: 5/27/2016
                         Josh A. 
          Theme: Masculine Birds
                  Mailed 5/17/2016
Lilly I.
               Carousel Teddy Bears
   Mailed 6/6/2016
Natalie B.
Bunnies and Bears
Mailed 6/24/2016